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Brussels, 15-16 January, 2004
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  • Report on the Global IPv6 Service Launch Event
  • Terms of Reference
  • Event Agenda
  • Speakers Slides (34,4 Mbytes)
  • Demonstrations Brochure (16,1 Mbytes)
    Event Videos
    Thursday, 15th January 2004: IPv6 around the world
    Welcome and Opening; Session 1: Global collaborations for research on IPv6
    Session 2: IPv6 Large Scale Field Trials
    Discussion: IPv6-enabled Research Networks
    Friday, 16th January 2004: IPv6 in practice
    Session 3: IPv6 Services and Applications
    Session 4: IPv6 a Key Element of the e-Infrastructures
    Session 5: IPv6 in every-day life
    More Videos
    Launch Ceremony
    Social Event
    Event Pictures
    First stage: Setting-up
    Picture 1: Setting-up demonstrations 1
    Picture 2: Setting-up demonstrations 2
    Picture 3: Setting-up demonstrations 3
    Picture 4: Setting-up the Digital Home booth
    Second stage: Demonstrations
    Picture 5: GEANT and ESA demonstrations
    Picture 6: ESA car
    Picture 7: 6POWER demonstrations
    Picture 8: Euro6IX ISABEL demonstrations
    Picture 9: Euro6IX Internet on the move demonstrations
    Picture 10: Eurov6 IPv6@Home demonstration
    Picture 11: Eurov6 i2Cat and Renault Mobile IPv6 Car demonstrations
    Picture 12: Renault car
    Picture 13: 6net demonstrations
    Picture 14: Euro6IX IPv6 Digital Home demonstration
    Picture 15: Euro6IX IPv6 Digital Home detail
    Third stage: The Event
    Picture 16: Demonstration room
    Picture 17: Conference room
    Final stage: Celebrating the success of the Event
    Picture 18: People celebrating the success of the Event
    More Pictures (by Mr. Armand Colling)
    More Pictures (by Mr. Aldo Villani)